Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The Author’s post on Mike Huckabee from yesterday recited a cheat sheet (pun intended) of why the candidate is far out of the American mainstream and even what he still believes to be the Republican mainstream. The post also outlined the problems of the candidate’s animal torturing son. That is sure getting some media play. That and the coverup. And the revenge firing of the Arkansas State Police Official.

The Author believes, based upon some comments by Republican commentators, that they are concerned about Huckabee’s poll leads because Huckabee’s positions are extreme and that he is unelectable. Perhaps they are afraid only that he is unelectable, but in either case, they are concerned. And rightfully so. The entire nation should be concerned about Huckabee.

A commentator identified as “Ian” posted a comment to the blog. The Author welcomes comments that are well-reasoned and contain citation to relevant authority.. This comment provided some discussion of the so-called “Fair Tax”, a national sales tax that is, again, brutally regressive. Nothing in the comment appeared to contradict the regressivity of the tax because the tax will hit working class, middle-income and upper-middle income taxpayers with a tax increase. Despite the so-called “prebate” of the amount of sales tax equal to some definition of poverty expenditures, The rich and the uber-rich taxpayers get a massive tax cut. Bread wrapper calculations can demonstrate that rich people that save most of their money will pay less tax as a percent of total income than middle class individuals and poor individuals.

The Author considered putting together a spreadsheet so that readers and interested persons can determine for themselves whether they win, lose, or get hammered by the disingenuously entitled “Fair Tax”. Currently, commentators are preparing analyses that demonstrate the regressivity of the scheme and the Author will share such materials. He has seen a few already.

The Author will not spend the time to do the Un-“Fair Tax” spreadsheet because it is not worth the time, unless Huckabee wins a few primaries. And that point, the Author believes that Huckabee will drop the Un-Fair Tax proposal. He will drop it because it is primarily a gimmick to attract attention to his once-weak candidacy. Since, in a fit of financial integrity, Huckabee raised some taxes in Arkansas, he has incurred the wrath of the “no-tax increase for any reason” wing of the Republican Party. So to counter this criticism, Huckabee has proposed a plan more favorable to the wealthy than anything any other Republican has proposed.

As a side note, the Author recently heard the Republican party described as an assemblage of people united in their desire not to pay their necessary share of taxes. Trent Lott recently commented that at the end of the day, Republicans disagree on many things, but they will all come together to decrease the tax burden of their wealthy supporters.

He will also drop it because at its most basic, the real fault of the national sales tax is that it redistributes the tax burden from the wealthy to the vast mass of American suckers. But if Huckabee can pull it off and get the [Un]Fair Tax implemented, he is a slicker SOB than the previous occupant of the Governor’s Office in Arkansas that was elected President. Slicker that even Bill ever thought he could be.



At 1:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, your interpretation of my previous FairTax comments under your former post does not comport with projected FairTax regressivity-NOT conclusions.

Readers may review those comments and judge for themselves as to whether FairTax is tax equitable - especially over the long-term - or not.

Keep on thinking!


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