Saturday, May 26, 2007


An ABC News Poll reveals that 60% of Americans believe that god created the Earth in six days. Not that what Americans believe can change science or natural history. But such idiocy can wreak havoc on nearly everyone and everything else.



At 9:51 AM , Blogger V3x0rg said...

If only we as a country had never believed in God, think of what we could have really done. 60% now, but it must have been much higher even in the 90 - 95 percentile when the country was starting out, it is amazing we ever got anything done.
Funny to think that we actually believed in such mythology, ha! Six days, ha ha!. If only everyone would just believe that the universe just spontaneously became what it is, that the laws of statistics dictate that in such vast numbers of billions of trillions and trillions of trillions that somewhere, somehow all the right ingredients would find themselves together and form a planent that we were able to selectively evolve into what we are today.
We should all thank the prophets of the new god - Science. The new moral code is:
- Kill it if we can learn from it.
- Distrust anything that distracts from the message of science (borrowed from previous religions)
- Use politics, fear, intimidation, even faulty logic to coerse the minions to give absolute devotion (also borrowed from other religions)
- Stifle alternative thought if it distracts from the message (also also)
- Claim proof from ideas that cannot be disproved ( I see a patern here)
- Destroy the character and credibility of those who think differently
- Look upon non believers as savages and backward because anyone who believes in a "mythical" god can't be nearly as smart as we are
- Pick and choose data that support our beliefs and condemn those that don't

The sacraments of the new religion are:
- Absolute Faith in Global Warming - we can and must do something about it, we will find out what we can do later

- Fetal Resources - as long as it hasn't had breath, we should take advantage of this renewable resource. Study, learn, then consume.

- The Emmaculate Explosion - The faith portion of the true religion. It has never happened again since (that we have seen), we don't know how it started, but the signs around us give us the seeds of faith

The One Commandment:
- Survival of the fitest rules supreme, survive at all costs
- Loudest and most often repeated voice is always right, even if what was right before is now wrong, engage in selective memory
- All of today's problems are spawned by old religion, you should shun all but science
- All Homo Sapien Sapiens are created equal, but others are a little more equal (oink)

All hail science, the new religion. Let's see what wonders it will bring to the people. The only thing I don't see in this new religion is a moral code... But then again nature doesn't have a moral code so I guess we really don't need one.

At 10:21 AM , Blogger FOXP2 said...

You amply demonstrate the ethos of Idiot America.

Thanks for proving up the Author's case.

At 10:30 AM , Blogger V3x0rg said...

I forgot one. Call names and attempt to discredit others who believe differently in to prove you are right.

Watch out for the Otters, when they evolve we've had it.

At 6:07 PM , Blogger FOXP2 said...

The Author does not have time nor the inclination to undo your misconceptions. Post your first post on one of the sites above. There are hundreds of peo\ple to disabuse you of your oft-repeated but never supportable claims.


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