Monday, October 09, 2006

Bush/Cheney North Korean Policy Failures

North Korean Plutonium Plan, Shuttered from 1994 until 2004, Produces Nuclear Weapon

The Author has written at least three posts on North Korea over the last year. Today's post should come as no suprise to people that have followed the collosal failure of the Bush Administration policy of "cheap rhetoric and cheap shots" in regard to North Korea. Cheap rhetoric and cheap shots. It sounds like a a page out of Terell Owen's diary.

North Korea has detonated a nuclear weapon with plutonium that was recently created in the once closed plutonium production plant. The plant was closed from 1994 through 2002 under an agreement with the Clinton Administration. Since 2002, the North Koreans have been awfully busy.

So how did this work? The plutonium plant was closed until the Bush administration substitutes bluster and truculence, chest pounding and penis pumping, for engagement and discussion.

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, crystalizes the Texas Wind Machine's failure well:

So the President talked a good game, the North Koreans called his bluff and he folded. And since then, for all intents and purposes, and all the atmospherics to the contrary, he and his administration have done essentially nothing.

Now the most repressive, xenophobic and dysfunctional regime in the world has joined the expanding circle of nuclear powers. The Bush adminstration, intolerant of probable small scale cheating under the 1994 Accord, does nothing but blather beligerently, suspend assitance under the 1994 accord, and ironically obtains the result that it did not desire.

Utter, complete, and contemptible failure. Just one more in the serial failure mode that is the Bush/Cheney administration.



At 5:06 PM , Blogger V3x0rg said...

Sir, you seem to love technology quite a bit. Could you please explain how a program could go from nonexistence under the wonderful Bill Clinton in 2000 to fully functional under Bush in 2004? I have a hint for you, it can't done. While Clinton was stroking this dictator and thinking he was getting somewhere, we now see he was actually getting stroked right back. They never did stop, and this is the result of someone choosing not to participate in the function of the UN. Nothing we can do about it short of force. He wants to be seen as meaningful in the world, sees this as a way to accomplish it, and doesn't care how much it costs. It doesn't matter who is in office here, Korea, Iran, Venezuela, etc. do not hate Bush, they hate America. I remember plenty of Clinton dummies being burned in effigy when he was president. The worst thing that has happened to this county in the last 20 years is that we have allowed parties to take precident over country. They parties have become cults that attract the ultra zealous as full members, and the rest of us as casual participants. They don't care about the country, they care about their power and will not stop until they have everything. This is evident in the fact that we have allowed the rest of the world to enter into our internal squables as active participants rather than outside observers. We know we are in trouble when we start looking for outside allies to help fight ourselves. We learned this lesson once, and nobody really won that fight.

It comes down to respect. We have become so focused on being right (which automatically dictates that there must be some party that is wrong) that we have forgotten how to be civil. It is not allowed to be different anymore. Nobody is allowed to have a belief unless it is the same as your own (not aimed at this blog owner, I mean everyone as a collective "your").
Religions of all sorts, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.; Science, (big S) Capitalism, Communism, etc. are all religions of a sort when they become something that breeds absolute zealots. When the "sane" of us turn our backs on those others among us that jump into the zealot pool, that is when we get in trouble.
Fellow Muslims watching their neighbors go to blow up a market, Christians who know that someone is going to blow up an abortion clinic, legislation proposed to treat global warming doubters like Nazi war criminals all go too far and drive larger wedges in between us all. It begins to make us all a little less human, and more smart meat puppets.

I for one still enjoy being human. I like the occasional discussion about the differences that make us human, but am saddened when I see battlelines being drawn over things that really don't matter. Sometimes it seems that we are all puppets, giving our alegiance to some person, that will stop at nothing to get more followers. Sad that we are so able to turn a blind eye to the issues all around us.

I liked this site a lot better when it was about economics and not a preachy regurgitation of the Scientific and leftist cannon. There really are those of us out there that can say that wrong is wrong and right is right, no matter the subject of the judgemen. Clinton did some good and bad, so has Bush, but we are so busy trying to be the "right" ones that we have lost sight of why we started the argument in the first place.
MAD rules apply here too. Someone may win the war, but what will be left remaining when it is over?
Audios Brother


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